Thursday, June 7, 2007


Holly Henson
Gregory Henson
Red Grammer
Melissa Adasczik
Debbie Smith
Mike Finneran
Viktor Pavlov
Virginia Citrano
Olga Kuhareva
Adrienne Erhart Bahista
Kathy White
Linda Baum
Richard Baum
Alley Baum
Matthew Baum
Melinda Conyers
Raymond Conyers
Frank England
Elaine England
Heidi Mack
Mike Mack
Kate Mahanes
Susan Noel
Sue Shuchat
Dave Shuchat
Molly Swartz
Judy Williams
David Williams
Anonymous (multiple)

Monday, April 30, 2007


Megan Lynn Condon
Nancy Winters
Rebecca Carpenter
Michael Carpenter
Piper Carpenter
Camden Carpenter
Katheryn and Frank Huber (in memory of)
C.J. and Marjorie Smolinske (in memory of)
Robin Fennema
A. Pearce
Lisa Miller
Leslie Wise
Karen Burgoon
Glenn McCarver
Amy McCarver
Cala Darya McCarver (from St. Petersburg)
Ethan McCarver
Seth McCarver
Erica Huber
Damon Cagle
Marcy Ost (for the child we hope to bring hom from Russia)
Allison O'Daniel
Angelia Whitfield
Frank Brown
LaDonna Yarbrough
Heather Chase
Barbara Clark
Steve Clark
Walker Bennett
Alison Hawking
Dawn Mahlau
Anonymous (multiple)

Monday, April 16, 2007


Andrea Nichols
Kathleen White
Paula Caravati
Karen Galley
Eric Galley
Benjamin Clark
Sarah Clark
Arthur Clark
Rigby Clark
Liz Pruit
Ann Noris
Sharon Huber
John Honemann
Hunter Dimitri
Hana XinDi
Friends left behind in orphanages
Vianne Bradt
Ward family
Gregg Vicik
Laura Vicik
Chechnia Vicik
Nancy Schott
Barbara Lovitts
Anonymous (multiple)

Monday, April 9, 2007


Kelly Lange
Bob Lange
Steven Lange
Alex Lange
Darren Moore
Terri Moore
Jacob Andrei Moore
Stella Yulia Moore
Theresa Fremaux
Mike Fremaux
Michael Fremaux
Kelly Fremaux
Anne Ivy
Billy Wendland
Renee Wendland
Harrison Wendland
Nicholas Wendland
Rachel Wendland
Meredith Wendland
Colleen Lange
Riley and John Henry
Holly O'Neil
Chris Rink
Colleen Rink
Jullian Rink
Cristina Caggiano
Barbara Herdus
Lori Sempervive
Amy Puto
Kim Williams
Chuck Williams
Tara Williams
Kelsey Williams
Jason Kennedy
Kelly Kennedy
Alex Kennedy
Katrina Kennedy
Victoria Moran
Jane Escalera
Debi Kahn
Sherri Boxer
Jennifer Williams
Brett England
Howard Scott
Terry Strbo
Anna Rugo
Sven Renud
Louise Renud
Natasha Renud
Katherine Forste
Laura Murphy
Anonymous (multiple)

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Sixteen more Heroes signed up to help kids like these, looking out the window of an orphanage in Kirov, Russia.

Angela Gausman
David Gausman
Suzanne Gausman
Tyler Parrish
Kyle Parrish
Amy Seganish
Roger Seganish
Nicholas Seganish
Kelly Seganish
Alison Johnson
Dave Johnson
Mary Ellen Doremus
Natasha Renud
Debra Santa Lucia
Dawn Locklair
Terry Locklair
Calvin Dill

999,975 to go

25 Heroes joined us to help kids like this little girl, who is living in an orphanage in Kirov, Russia.

999,975 to go....

Lisa Finneran
Michael Finneran
Nicholas Finneran
Elena Finneran
Gregory Finneran
Rita Binns
Sharon Huber
Fredrick Huber
Marc Huber
Carlene Huber
Matthew Huber
Eric Clagg
Ryan Clagg
Christopher Clagg
James Finneran
Phyllys Finneran
Patrick Finneran
Elisa Finneran
Alex Finneran
Carley Finneran
Christopher Finneran
Kate Finneran
Mark Finneran
Terry Strbo
Marie Jurick

Welcome to 1 Million Heroes

It only takes 1!

1 Person
1 Dollar
1 Million orphans

At ArkAngels for Russian Orphans, we believe we can change the lives of 1 million orphans, $1 at a time.

Just $1. From 1 million people.

Together we can make a difference to orphans in Eastern Europe who otherwise have very little hope.

To be 1 of our 1 million, donate at our web site at Or send a check to ArkAngels for Russian Orphans, 9709 River Road, Newport News, VA 23601. And be sure to include your name (and the name of anyone you are donating for) and we will include you here in our list of 1 Million Heroes.

Lisa Finneran
President, ArkAngels for Russian Orphans, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping orphans in Eastern Europe lead long, happy, productive lives by improving their living conditions and educational opportunities.